Arranged: A Dark Mafia Romance

Coming in November! Cover reveal soon!


I’ve inherited my sister’s fiancé

She had him first.

Alessio Salvatore. Charming, gorgeous, and completely off-limits. I watched him propose and counted myself lucky when my sister said "yes" to the notorious gangster. I have plans for my life. None of them involve sleeping with the enemy, even if it's to broker peace between our families.

But when my sister mysteriously dies, my life turns upside-down. I'm now the heir of my father's assets, and without an arranged marriage, our families are on the brink of war.

Until my father gives Alessio an offer he can't refuse.



I need Mia to understand three things:

  1. We are getting married in a month.

  2. I demand loyalty.

  3. I want kids. Now.

I don’t have a biological clock, but I have needs. Something my out-of-control fiancé has to understand because I always get what I want--and I've desired her from the beginning. 

The younger beauty disarmed me with a smile, but I was meant to walk her sister down the aisle. A relationship with Mia would've been unforgivable. She was persona-non-grata forever until her old man gave me her hand in marriage.

How could I say no?

But wrangling the boss' daughter is more trouble than I thought. When she's not fighting her feelings, she's fighting me. Never mind that we have more chemistry than dynamite. Or that we're perfect together. Or that we're marrying in a few weeks.

 She hates me.

Too bad. She'll have to get used to me.