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Author of The Cinderella Arrangement and the Cravotta Crime Family Series. 


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Meet the bad boys of the Vittorio Crime Family in four, full-length books featuring over-the-top, protective heroes who fight for their women.

Wicked Heroes is full of heart-wrenching stories packed with steam, nail-biting suspense, and twisted plots! 

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Want extended epilogues? Click here to download extra scenes for The Mechanic, Tied Down and more!

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Vanessa Waltz is a full-time romance author and a part-time beer connoisseur. She lives on the west coast and spends her days hunched over her laptop sandwiched between two cats. When she isn’t dreaming up new storylines, she’s hitting up the finest craft breweries Seattle has to offer. 

Vanessa is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

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